More Than Pretty Dashboards – Clean Data Are the Basis for BI

Anyone can create informative charts and check, filter, correct and analyze data within seconds – with InfoZoom

InfoZoom is a software solution for self-service data analysis and data visualization. It enables users to carry out demand-based analyses and find answers to any questions within seconds.
Your everyday business is flexible and you can never tell exactly which analyses you will need in future. Thanks to the zoom technology, you can select and filter data with just a few clicks and adjust parameters in real time.

In addition to the time factor and the high flexibility of the analyses, our greatest focus is on the quality of your data. Valid data are crucial to the reliability of Business Intelligence and therefore represent the basis of successful decisions. We start where other BI tools reach their limits. A supplement to existing BI, CRM or ERP solutions or a full BI tool tailored to your needs – InfoZoom helps you to play it safe in your analyses and decisions!

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Select your Data within seconds

Load any data volumes, even large ones, into the software within seconds. Select your data in any way you want. Determine filters and data ranges.

Check your data

Check how values are distributed in your data. Ensure that your data are reliable and complete. Classify and structure your data in no time.

Create your own analyzes

Determine relevant KPIs with just a few clicks. Create comprehensive analyses. Publish your results. Make sound decisions.


Checking Data Quality at a Glance

By compressing all data on a single screen, InfoZoom offers maximum transparency when it comes to data quality. Issues are detected immediately. Reliable data provide the basis for sound decision-making. Try this with any other BI too!


 Fast and Time-Saving Analyses

While common BI software only offers static reports, InfoZoom allows fast ad hoc analyses. The powerful data analysis software enables you to find answers to any questions in next to no time. Users carry out analyses with just a few clicks.


Automated DQM with Rule Sets

InfoZoom Data Quality Control supports you in creating demand-based rule sets to automatically detect and analyze errors. Since all errors are permanently analyzed automatically, you can adjust your data quality measures on a daily basis.


Central Data Management

Data for Anyone, from Anywhere, with Any Device – InfoZoom Anywhere is a web tool for self-service analyses. The analyses are based on a common data source with server-based data processing and central user administration and rights management.

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SoftLake Solutions specializes in Data Analysis using InfoZoom, a data visualization and analytics software. In addition to supporting InfoZoom, we provide consulting solutions for InfoZoom for small to large sized companies throughout North America.


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