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Since its foundation in 1997, humanIT Software GmbH has dedicated itself to the development of its data analysis software InfoZoom. humanIT Software GmbH started as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer institute and is now part of the proALPHA group.

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Making data understandable for everyone

Already in the mid 90’s, researchers tackled this task at GMD Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (Society for Mathematics and Data Processing) in Sankt-Augustin (later renamed Fraunhofer FIT). The result was an amazingly new method of analysis. It is based on the unique visualization of complete data pools on one screen in condensed form that provides access to every single record. Every user immediately sees what’s in the data. It’s finally possible to speak about data without misunderstandings and gray zones. This ultimately increases transparency, optimizes communication, streamlines processes, and sustainably improves data quality.

The user in the focus of development: the optimal supplement to ERP, CRM and BI solutions in almost every industry

We focus our work on practical tools and methods which support you in your daily business and help you accelerate processes. Our objective is to enable every user to answer any question in a short time by means of versatile analyses. Numerous users and partners are in permanent contact with us and contribute to the continuous development of InfoZoom. These are the best conditions for InfoZoom to be a software solution designed by people for people.

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humanIT Software GmbH,
a subsidiary company of the proALPHA group with
about 1,000 employees


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The optimal supplement to ERP, CRM and BI solutions in almost every industry

The tool supplements existing systems in the fields of ad-hoc data analyses and agile data quality management. It’s the Swiss army knife among the data analysis tools.

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