Consulting – let’s investigate your data together

You want to get a picture of your data basis? You’re about to launch a DQ project? There’s a bit of a problem somewhere? Our consulting team will be happy to help you! Together, we will search your data to find answers to specific questions and develop appropriate solutions. Practice makes perfect – our experienced consulting team will be happy to support you in any phase of your data project.

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No solution off the rack – tailored to your specific requirements

Do you need a different approach to analyzing your data and could do with a hand? Are you already using InfoZoom and want to explore every detail of your data? Our consultants will respond to your wishes at any time.

Invest in your data –
it’s worth it

A machine, a vehicle, a building. You invest in these important components, which are often used over decades, to ensure their quality and functionality. Why not invest in the most important asset to your company, your data? They, too, are used over decades and connect all processes throughout the company. If the data are not “maintained”, they are subject to decay and can no longer be used. We will help you find data inconsistencies and preserve data integrity.

You are facing the challenge of implementing a new system (ERP, CRM, etc.)? The analysis of your current data basis helps you migrate your data safely to the new system. You can detect incompatibilities in format and value length, add information in advance and analyze data objects that do not have to be migrated to the new system. Clean the data before migrating them to minimize the workload involved in switching systems.

You are updating your ERP or CRM system? Benefit from the compatibility analysis for the new structure of the system. Similar to migration projects, the data basis can be analyzed and current data can be provided for the update.

You are facing the challenge of integrating other divisions or even whole companies into your system landscape? Which data (customers, parts, suppliers, etc.) are already available and would become duplicates upon data migration? We can help you analyze possible duplicates and find out which data actually have to be migrated.

You’ve got data containing fields that reference each other?

Users often object: “But we’ve got fixed reference lists.” But they are not always available or they are based on legacy data that got into your system during a migration project some time ago.

One simple example of this is the ZIP code. Every city has a ZIP code. Can you find this city in your data? Or is there a name variant, an abbreviation or maybe even an incorrect city in your address master files?

Have you entered a customs tariff number? Is it still up-to-date? Compare it to the official list and find out if your data are still up-to-date.

These are just some examples. Of course, our consultants can also help you with other cases.

You are using multiple systems or work with multiple companies and want to reconcile them with each other? Which part does not exist in which system? Where is a translation missing? Where are inconsistencies between two different systems? We’ll help you set up an automatic reconcile and provide appropriate reports for further processing.


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