IZD-B InfoZoom Desktop Advanced Seminar

Our advanced Seminar: Importing Data (Excel and text files), displaying results and creating templates, Defining Queries etc.

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  • Importing Data
    • Excel- Files
    • Text files
  • Working with Views
    • Editing Values and Attributes
    • Attribute groups
  • Research
    • Search and replace
    • Defining Queries
    • Importing and exporting queries
  • Analysis
    • Defining simple Attributes
    • Link Attributes
    • Mark selections
  • Update / append data
    • Wizard for fieldmappings
  • Exporting Data
    • Data format
    • Saving data
    • Table sections and sample
    • Protecting tables
  • Displaying results and creating templates
    • Interactive charts
    • Internal/Excel charts
    • Internal/Excel reports

Exercises will help to consolidate knowledge. Concluding the seminar, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

The seminar is suitable for users of the following InfoZoom versions:

  • InfoZoom Explorer,
  • InfoZoom Business oder
  • InfoZoom Professional