IZD-C InfoZoom Desktop Analyse Seminar

Learn how to create your own needs-based analyses with InfoZoom. Topics: Creation of key figures, formulas, multidimensional analysis, connecting tables with Link and Join.

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  • Importing Data
    • ODBC data sources
  • Analysis
    • Defining dynamic attributes
      • Summarize Formulas
      • Classifications
      • Case Differentiations
    • Defining Multidimensional Analysis
    • Defining Cross tables
    • Defining color analysis
    • Defining share analysis
  • Combining Data
    • Link
    • Join
  • Defining comments
  • AddIn for Excel

Exercises will help to consolidate knowledge. Concluding the seminar, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

The seminar is suitable for users of the following InfoZoom versions:

  • InfoZoom Business or
  • InfoZoom Professional