IZD-G – InfoZoom Desktop Basic Seminar

Becoming proficient in InfoZoom Desktop within three days – the basics seminar is the perfect introduction for all newcomers. You will learn everything you need to optimally integrate InfoZoom into your daily work. In the first step, you learn the basic functions of InfoZoom Desktop: working with the different views, searching the exercise data, creating an individual view of the data and automating analysis steps in queries. In the course of the seminar, the following topics are also handled: creating results like, for example, interactive charts or Excel reports, an extensive analysis section focusing on the creation of demand-based analyses, the determination of KPIs and the import from text files and Excel files and merging various data sources.

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  • InfoZoom as a Solution
  • Program Components and Data flow
  • Importing Tables
  • The InfoScape and its functionalities
    • Design of the infoscape
  • Views
  • Formats
  • Research
    • Data selection
    • Zoom-Technology
    • Value lists
    • Search
  • Navigate
    • Performing queries
  • Using Analysis
    • Dynamic Attributes
    • Mutlidimensional Analysis
  • Special Attribut contents
  • Importing Data
    • Excel- Files
    • Text files
  • Working with Views
    • Editing Values and Attributes
    • Attribute groups
  •  Research
    • Search and replace
    • Defining Queries
    • Importing and exporting queries
  •  Analysis
    • Defining simple Attributes
    • Link Attributes
    • Mark selections
  • Update / append data
    • Wizard for fieldmappings
  • Exporting Data
    • Data format
    • Saving data
    • Table sections and sample
    • Protecting tables
  • Displaying results and creating templates
    • Interactive charts
    • Internal/Excel charts
    • Internal/Excel reports
  • Importing Data
    • ODBC data sources
  •  Analysis
    • Defining dynamic attributes
      • Summarize Formulas
      • Classifications
      • Case Differentiations
    • Defining Multidimensional Analysis
    • Defining Cross tables
    • Defining color analysis
    • Defining share analysis
  • Combining Data
    • Link
    • Join
  • Defining comments
    • AddIn for Excel

Exercises will help to consolidate knowledge. Concluding the seminar, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance..

The seminar is suitable for users of the following InfoZoom versions:

  • InfoZoom Viewer Plus,
  • InfoZoom Explorer,
  • InfoZoom Business oder
  • InfoZoom Professional