General Seminar Terms and Conditions of
humanIT Software GmbH


Participants have to register online. A fax form may be requested in exceptional cases.

The first and last name of the participant as well as the code, date and location of the seminar have to be specified for the registration. Since the number of participants is restricted, it is recommended to register early. If the maximum number of participants is exceeded, participants will be admitted to the seminar in the order their registrations were received.


Participants will receive a written booking confirmation showing the seminar price and general information. After the seminar, participants will receive a qualified certificate.

Cancelations by humanIT Software GmbH

If the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached or if the seminar cannot take place due to other reasons, humanIT Software GmbH reserves the right to cancel the seminar. Seminar fees already paid will be reimbursed in full. Further claims for compensation against humanIT Software GmbH cannot be raised.

humanIT Software GmbH reserves the right to deploy a substitute trainer and modify the seminar contents according to market requirements. humanIT Software GmbH also reserves the right to exclude participants from the seminar who disturb the training. The participation fee has to be paid in full.

Cancelations by the Participant

Cancelations by participants must be made in written form. If cancelations are made 10 calendar days before the seminar starts, a processing fee of 10% of the seminar fee will be raised. If cancelations are made later or if the participant is absent, the fee has to be paid in full. You may appoint another participant as a stand-in free of charge.

Fees and Services

The participation fee excluding the applicable value-added tax is indicated in the seminar description and will be charged after the seminar. The fee is payable upon receipt of the invoice. The seminar fees include the seminar documents and refreshments during the breaks.

Times and Venues

Unless specified otherwise, seminars take place at the training center of humanIT Software GmbH. Seminars start at 9 am and end at approx. 5 pm. Participants will be notified if these times are changed.

Seminar Documents

The seminar documents contain information that is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved, including those of translating, reprinting and copying the documents, be it partially or completely. The documents may not be processed, copied, distributed or published in any form, especially not by means of electronic systems.

Hotel Reservations

Participants have to make their own hotel reservations. A list of recommended hotels can be found on our homepage:

Seminars at the Customer's Site

If it has been arranged that a seminar will be held at the customer’s site, the customer, in consultation with humanIT Software GmbH, provides a suitable seminar room, beverages and catering as well as auxiliaries required but not provided by humanIT Software GmbH at his own expense. The place of fulfillment is the venue. The place of jurisdiction is Bonn.

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