Making Customer Data Transparent 

Every digitalization project is sooner or later faced with the moment of truth: The assessment of the data quality is often a sensitive topic in the consultation process, even though the success of the project depends on it. This is why the consulting company curexus relies on data analyses with InfoZoom. The software solution takes mere seconds to visualize entire data sources and make the relevant data transparent. This provides consultants and customers with a good basis for realistically assessing the performance of the data basis and deciding on appropriate measures together.

“InfoZoom has become indispensable to us as a tool in consulting. It lets us clearly visualize and assess any data basis directly in the meeting with the customer.”

Markus Alexander
Business Consulting & Data Management
Member of the management, curexus GmbH

Climbing the CRM summit together

Customers appreciate the CRM specialist curexus as an experienced consulting and implementation partner who assists them in every step of the process: system selection, process design, implementation in the system, data migration, training and support. curexus starts the climb to the CRM summit with a thorough analysis of the status quo, hence laying the foundations for a successful and efficient implementation.

Its path differs from that of many other CRM consultants: Whereas the customer is usually asked to provide their cleansed data in templates first, curexus already tackles the data basis in the first analysis workshop together with the customer.

Tackling the data: live and transparent

The live check of the customer data is made possible by InfoZoom. The fast analysis tool imports raw data from all data sources in mere seconds and displays them in a structured overview which can be sorted by any attribute. This way, all project participants can immediately identify errors, gaps, correlations in content, or potentials of their data.

“InfoZoom helps us to make customer data immediately transparent and to discuss facts instead of assumptions.”

InfoZoom’s intuitive analysis principle also lets customers comprehend what is happening to their own data in the live analyses and how questions about quality and plausibility of the data basis are clarified with just a few clicks. This inspires confidence in the data inspection, the analyses and the results since everything is illustrated in a comprehensible manner. Project experience has shown that the fascinated customers or prospects actively get involved in the analysis already after a few minutes.

“Everybody can understand the intuitive analyses. This way, we put the customer in the picture and create the basis for a trusting cooperation.”

Clear communication

The sensitive topic of data quality hence entails a constructive and pragmatical working atmosphere. Everybody has the same starting point. Instead of speculating about claims and assumptions regarding the data stock or possible reasons for poor data quality, project teams can efficiently collaborate on the basis of substantial facts. The consultants of curexus can assess the data situation together with the customers and discuss the relevance of individual data fields, the handling of data gaps, or future data management processes already during the analysis workshop.

InfoZoom offers the possibility to zoom in on individual data fields with just one click, which gives customers the basis to make sound decisions. curexus’ long-standing project experience also shows that measures taken based on the data are practical and highly accepted. Permanent data maintenance is also integrated in the daily business – an indispensable prerequisite for successful CRM.

Cost-efficient migration

Many curexus customers use Salesforce for their CRM. InfoZoom also supports the migration to the CRM platform. Legacy data are checked and aligned by means of InfoZoom before and after the migration to the new CRM system. This ensures the correct transfer and includes an automatic documentation of the traceable migration processes.

Many projects have shown that the careful preparation with InfoZoom saves migration costs. A curexus customer states:

The analyses have helped me to identify the possible measures in advance and to take the most effective ones. This has significantly reduced the costs for the data cleansing and the actual migration project, keeping them well below budget.”

Checking the feasibility and the costs

With flexible analyses and the technically oriented visualization of raw data, InfoZoom allows for a fast assessment of the data situation in the customer project. At the same time, the tool provides a visible basis for discussing the topic of data, for combining different ideas in a common mission, and reaching consensus on appropriate measures. InfoZoom supports the dialog with dedicated scenarios, KPIs and data insights.

“Thanks to InfoZoom, we can quickly convince new prospects that we have mastered the issue of data.”

The detailed insight into the data also helps to estimate the costs for the preparatory measures, the implementation and the following permanent data monitoring. The customer receives fast and reliable estimations of the costs and the benefit of a project and can use them to make sound investment decisions.

About curexus

curexus has been a specialist for customer-oriented company management since 1995. As one of the leading consultancies for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), curexus is your partner for digitally transforming business-critical customer processes in marketing, sales and service. As a CRM specialist, curexus has many years of experience and is an expert in the fields of CRM consulting, CRM technology and data management, providing its customers with a full range of services from strategy to IT from a single, professional source.


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Solution and Benefits

InfoZoom has become curexus’ indispensable tool for quality and plausibility checks of customer data. The checks provide for a clear assessment of the project bases and the appropriate measures that will ensure a successful and cost-efficient implementation.

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