kingslakehumanIT Software GmbH and Kingslake International Ltd. Go into Partnership

Bonn, 2015-08-10 ─ humanIT Software GmbH, a subsidiary of the proALPHA group and producer of the data analysis software InfoZoom, won over Kingslake International Ltd. as its new partner. With this partnership, the Asian market is now open for the IT solution invented at the Fraunhofer institute.

humanIT Software GmbH has developed and sold InfoZoom since 1997. The clear design of InfoZoom enables users to quickly gain insights even from large data volumes and various data sources. Users only need a short training to learn how to filter and check information in data volumes of any size in just a few seconds. InfoZoom is faster and more flexible than any other query language or analysis tool, like SQL queries, Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

“This new partnership is a milestone for us,”  says Johannes Imhof, CEO of humanIT, because so far, the company has mainly focused on customers and partners in Germany and Europe. Partnerships beyond European borders are rare.

Under the humanIT JOIN program, Kingslake will take the role of a reseller partner for the InfoZoom software portfolio and will offer product trainings, implementation services as well as first and second level support.

Kingslake has specialized in business software solutions and applications of the world’s leading producers and thus built up a network of internationally renowned partners. Since the mid-nineties, Kingslake has worked in Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka as the distributor for the Progress Software Corporation with headquarters in the US. The software solutions and services offered by Kingslake are used in many different industries. Kingslake International Ltd. works, e.g., in the textile, automotive and building industry, health care, the electronics industry, production, sales, logistics, and life sciences.

Dr. Dharmavasan, Chairman of Kingslake said “The technology provided by InfoZoom is unique and will provide our customers with substantial value from their data hidden in their systems. With the growth of the Asian market for smart use of IT, we believe that it is timely for InfoZoom to be made available in Asia.”

“This partnership opens up new perspectives for us. We are happy to have an internationally renowned partner like Kingslake, from whose experience we will benefit in the long-term. Asian customers will love our InfoZoom solution!”, Imhof says. He is sure that the intuitive operation of InfoZoom along with its convenient analysis options and its clear design will also thrill non-European customers.