License update

Since version 2020, lifetime licenses have been used for InfoZoom Desktop. If a valid maintenance contract exists, the latest version of InfoZoom Desktop can be installed using the ticket number received. For this purpose, the license update of the ticket is performed once a year.

Automated license update

You can import the maintenance extension via the license manager. After starting InfoZoom, open it via File –> Licensing –> License Manager and click on the Update icon.

Manual license update

In some cases, it may not be possible to perform the automatic update of licenses.

This can occur in these scenarios, for example:

  • Activations on server systems, without InfoZoom Desktop installed.
  • No direct Internet access (offline activations)
  • Installations where the license update has been explicitly suppressed

From the system on which the activated CmContainer is located, call up the page, enter your ticket number and click Next. For offline activations, perform this step on a computer with Internet access.

In the next window, select the license and click Auto Update.

For systems with Internet access, you can now click Transfer license updates now. The update is then performed automatically.

For offline activations, select File-based license transfer. For the following steps, you can follow the points of the Activation Offline.