100 % Recommendation Rate – Top-Ranking Solution in 4 Categories

InfoZoom to Score Top Rankings in BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 22

InfoZoom facilitates the daily processing of data, data quality management and self-service analyses. Users awarded the business intelligence solution the best rating in four key performance indicators in  BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 22.

The InfoZoom solution has scored several top rankings in  BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 22 user survey, ranking first in the categories “Project Success”, “Data Preparation”, “Ad Hoc Query” and “Analyses”. It has received these top rankings and the maximum score of 10/10 in these KPIs within the peer groups “Business Software Generalists”, “Self-Service Analytics-focused Products” and “Midsize/Departmental Implementations”.

BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey is the world’s largest and most extensive survey among business intelligence users. Between March and June of this year, 2748 users from 85 countries answered detailed questions about the use of their business intelligence and analytics solution. This year, the survey was conducted for the 20th time. More information can be found under https://bi-survey.com/

InfoZoom: 20 top rankings, best rank for project success

The BARC analysts use key performance indicators to make the results of The BI & Analytics Survey 22 easy to comprehend at first glance. The survey examines the feedback on the selection and use of BI products based on 36 criteria (KPIs), including Business Benefits, Project Success, Business Value, Recommendation, CustomerSatisfaction, Customer Experience, Innovation and Competitiveness.

InfoZoom has scored a total of 20 top rankings as well as 34 other excellent leading rankings within its three peer groups. “The overall analysis shows that InfoZoom has been rated better than average in all KPIs,” state the BARC IT analysts responsible for the study.

The BARC analysts measure the project success by evaluating four aspects of the project implementation: the general user satisfaction with the implementation, the general administrator satisfaction with the implementation, the frequency with which projects are completed on budget, and the frequency with which projects are completed on time. InfoZoom has scored the best rank of the entire survey here.

First place for Data Preparation and Ad Hoc Query

Data preparation includes cleaning, structuring, and enhancing data for the use in analytics. InfoZoom has scored the best rank of the entire survey here as well. The solution helps users with this process by reading data into the main memory and combining the contents (features) of attributes in one line in a reasonable way. As a result, users can immediately examine the correctness of the data, identify incorrect values and adjust them simply by editing.

The users have also rated InfoZoom the best product of this year’s BARC survey with regard to its contribution to improving the data quality. The solution offers a unique way of visualizing and analyzing data. Users use the display variant InfoScape to zoom in and out of data. This way, they can discern connections between different attributes as well as potential anomalies and quality issues.

“We’re very happy that we’re leading our main topic “Data quality”,” says Stefan Dornseifer, CEO of humanIT Software GmbH. “This result clearly shows that by visualizing the data, we offer our users huge added value for uncovering data quality issues.

This emphasizes our claims that data quality management with InfoZoom is the perfect addition to CRM, BI and ERP solutions already used in companies.”

Top rank for Ad Hoc Query and Analysis

Ad hoc data queries help users to quickly gain insights. 77% of the InfoZoom users rated the ad hoc query options as “excellent” and 23% as “good”. This makes InfoZoom the number one for ad hoc queries in the BARC survey. “The flexibility of data query and analysis is becoming increasingly important as companies must be able to respond to data ever faster,” explain the survey authors.

The relevant KPI “Analyses” measures how the users rate their business intelligence tool with regard to conducting analyses. Ad hoc queries and analyses are closely interlinked and often used in the same workflow following data retrieval and preparation. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that InfoZoom is leading the ad hoc queries and analyses.

100% recommendation & 100% customer satisfaction

The relevant KPI “Recommendation” shows how many users would recommend a product. InfoZoom has scored the entire 100% here. And the users are also 100% satisfied with the product InfoZoom. “Only customers who are really satisfied recommend a solution,” state the BARC analysts.

“The good ratings show that our solutions live up to the customers’ needs,” says Stefan Dornseifer, CEO of humanIT Software GmbH. “InfoZoom provides project teams with a practical solution for daily data processing. The main success factor is the unique way of visualizing raw data from any upstream system in a function-oriented overview. This way, departments can immediately identify errors, gaps, correlations in content, or potentials of their data.”

Data Profiling, Data Quality Management and Ad Hoc Analyses

humanIT’s portfolio comprises three closely integrated products: InfoZoom Desktop as desktop version, InfoZoom Anywhere as Web client/server-based solution, and InfoZoom Data Quality Control (IZDQ). InfoZoom supports specialists in ad hoc analyses, agile data quality management and data profiling. IZDQ allows for continuous 24/7 data quality management with extensive sets of rules and integrates the profiling functions of InfoZoom. InfoZoom Anywhere enables users to analyze data in the web browser.

For more information about the InfoZoom highlights of the survey, please refer to: https://www.infozoom.com/en/barc-bi-survey-22/