Lifting the Data Fog

The key to success for digitalized processes is being able to rely on your data at all times. The consulting firm KDQ Knapp Data Quality supports companies in evaluating and improving their data quality. KDQ relies on InfoZoom for the analysis, transformation and monitoring of data from any source system. The intuitive tool provides KDQ with an overview of large data volumes and flexible analysis options. This way, KDQ opens up clear prospects for its customers on the basis of a data strategy tailored to their needs.

“InfoZoom is like a thermal imaging camera and a Swiss Army knife combined in one. It allows us to see through the fog and to implement basically any customer requirements. This is how we make our clients’ data more valuable.”

Matthias Knapp
KDQ Matthias Knapp

KDQ – Matthias Knapp

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Master Data Management

KDQ measures, improves, and assures the quality of the master files of international players. The data experts’ long-standing project experience and powerful tools ensure an effective data lifecycle. InfoZoom is used regularly to analyze, prepare, and convert data from unknown sources as part of migrations.

The combination of openness, flexibility, and a tremendous analytical performance is what makes InfoZoom so valuable for KDQ as a consulting tool. Based on many years of best practices, KDQ has established extensive libraries, for example, for checking logics, mapping rules or complex transformations. KDQ designs all rules generically. As a result, they can be easily tailored to the respective customer and system landscape, where they can be individually adapted and extended.

Fast Customizations

InfoZoom allows for fast customizations thanks to its openness toward different ERP systems and other data sources, for example. The analysis tool imports millions of records from any upstream system in mere seconds and displays them transparently and clearly in the compressed view. The generic structure of the checking and processing logic allows KDQ to switch almost the entire library to the respective data models with only one mouse click. This way, the customer can use a large number of analyses despite the individual system landscape.

“InfoZoom helps us to analyze any data source by means of our generic rules and it requires almost no adjustments.”

Hence, KDQ can immediately use its InfoZoom libraries in every customer and system scenario, and continue to develop it further. The flexible customization of rules and analyses therefore requires little project expense to yield a solution tailored to specific customer requirements.

Agile DQM

KDQ is able to create insightful data analyses with real data already during the workshops with the customer, serving as a fact-based foundation for potential measures or for an estimation of the costs and benefits. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-understand analysis principle, customers can actively participate and add their business perspective from the beginning. Collaborative data scouting yields consensual and reliable results already at an early stage.

“Not only do our analyses display the customer’s data quality with a few clicks, they also identify the effects of potential measures. This means that our customer can always make fact-based decisions.”

This way, even spontaneous questions from customers can be clarified quickly. In the course of a project, KDQ, which also specializes in the lifecycle of product and material master files in the manufacturing industry, is often faced with the following questions during the initial review of the data: “How many products do not have a weight specification? How many of them are inactive? Are there inconsistencies in weight within the commodity group?” The answer is quickly found in the initial total overview where any segment can be excluded or focused with just one mouse click.

If an error is detected in a record, cross-checking quickly uncovers potential further defects in other records. For example, the existence of an inappropriate term in a commodity group. All it takes is two clicks to find all commodity groups in which this term is mistakenly used. A customer described the interactive approach which involves cross-checking and filtering through ever deeper levels of detail within seconds as follows: “KDQ is the definition of agile data quality management.”

Metadata Management

KDQ especially benefits from InfoZoom’s ability to quickly and easily evaluate metadata. This allows for the quick creation of a data catalog in complex applications in particular in order to display the data stock’s structure and to provide all parties involved with a unified view. This way, the project team is able to process and analyze the technical framework right away.

“InfoZoom reduces the time required from the data provisioning to the analysis results from weeks to hours. It gives us an overview of the current data status in the source and target systems at all times, especially in migration projects. Excel is no longer required.”

Flexible Consulting Tool

KDQ attaches great importance to the assessment and gathering of existing data in the context of the customer’s products, services and processes. InfoZoom is used in all consulting and implementation phases:

  • Analysis: data profiling, rule-based checking, data catalog, and metadata analysis
  • Clearing: detailed scouting, establishment of rules and mappings for the preparation of data and migration projects
  • Transformation: mapping of fields and field contents, transformation and key conversion of values, real-time migration of source data to target format (or from the legacy system to the target system), concurrent tax conformity verification
  • Monitoring: permanent and periodic audits, implementation and operation of a DQ monitoring cockpit

Clear Prospects

The precise analyses with InfoZoom create reliable project bases. They enable KDQ to make well-founded recommendations from a professional, organizational and technical perspective, and to take effective measures based on a strict data strategy and data governance. The flexible analysis software allows KDQ to map and develop its extensive arsenal of best practices and to reuse it with individual customization. As a result, KDQ can offer its customers tailored and efficient solutions for a successful data quality management.

About KDQ Knapp Data Quality

KDQ ensures permanently high-quality data as the basis for high-performance business processes. Since 2007, KDQ has been a reliable partner for companies from industry, trade and the service sector as well as associations and public authorities. KDQ is characterized by an analytical and goal-oriented working method that is geared to the requirements of the customer. This way, KDQ meets the professional, organizational and technical prerequisites for long-term success.


KDQ Knapp Data Quality
Master Data Management


Data Scouting and DQM at the customer’s

Solution and Benefits

KDQ relies on professional data analyses by using InfoZoom instead of cumbersome SQL queries and Excel lists. By using its own rule libraries, KDQ enables the rapid development of customer-specific DQM solutions.

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