Innovative network planning

»I can assess my data intuitively without needing clear search criteria – which is a very constructive way to
work because it reveals completely new ideas.«

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Zimmer,
Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft mbH

When it comes to ad hoc data analysis, ERP systems quickly reach their limits in the energy and public utilities sector. Data quality management is a major challenge as well since companies have to process and document masses of data to meet regulatory compliance. To address these issues, Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft has extended its SAP system with the analysis tool InfoZoom and now profits from fast,
flexible analyses on network structure data as well as a clean data pool.

Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft oversees the operations of a 1,300 km supergrid/high voltage network (220 kV, 110 kV), a 4,500 km mid-voltage network and a 9,000 km low-voltage network in Southwestern Germany. Its modern network ensures high quality of supply for all market parties. In order to effectively manage maintenance and new construction projects, the network operator uses InfoZoom to conduct detailed malfunction analyses. After importing the data on supply breaks from the control system into InfoZoom, users can easily analyze it by frequency, electrical lines, local networks and other vantage points.

Long-term observations with compelling statistics

With InfoZoom, users can quickly identify and improve weak spots in supply and continually optimize operations through long-term operations. To make this possible, they regularly export data on all local network supply breaks including topological classifications from the network control system. Currently, users can
display and analyze statistics on over 48,000 objects over the past five years as a time series, with more information to be added in the future. The increasing data volume, however, poses no problem for InfoZoom. The software can import a nearly infinite amount of data for fast, flexible analysis.

Malfunction analysis as the basis for automated network operations

Through the substantiated documentation on breaks in supply, Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft is able to provide information to the German Federal Network Agency at any time. The company, however, has even larger goals – and hopes to implement even more algorithm-supported processes in its network planning processes. The detailed analyses from InfoZoom provide a solid foundation for expanding these automation measures and, therefore, play a key role in ensuring reliable, profitable network operations. Optimizing quality of SAP data Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft also uses InfoZoom to improve the quality of SAP data. The analysis tool checks the data from its SAP PM maintenance module for missing or incorrect entries as well as combinations of attributes that are mutually exclusive. Within seconds, users can import up to 15,000 data records on line sections and sort them into transparent groups in InfoZoom to instantly identify outliers. Using built-in export functions, they can then create individual error lists for the respective departments which, in turn, can correct the source data. The continuous process of analyzing and correcting information has improved the data quality in the SAP system. InfoZoom even helps detect and correct false entries from previous data migrations. Using formulas which can also include regular expressions, users can integrate complex alphanumerical data elements such as serial numbers or model names. This information is important when the system identifies batch errors in operational equipment that cannot be replaced immediately. InfoZoom can then add attributes to highlight this data before exporting it to the network control system where it can be visualized to help identify problems in the network.

“I can assess my data intuitively without needing clear search criteria – which is a very constructive way to work because it reveals completely new ideas.”

New ideas through fast, innovative analysis

Dr. Klaus Zimmer, who uses InfoZoom at Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft, is particularly impressed with how fast he can export analyses into informative reports and create 1:1 hard copies. The software’s intuitive analytic capabilities using multi-level filters provide creative solutions and save a considerable amount of time in his daily work:

“To analyze my data, I simply click on unusual characteristics and run a filter into the next level. I can assess my data intuitively without needing clear search criteria – which is a very constructive way to work because it reveals completely new ideas. We used to select data in Excel or pivot tables but since they are not designed to support multi-level filters, we spent a tremendous amount of time simply documenting them.”

Various departments at Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft can now utilize the time that they previously spent on manual data processing or data quality management for more important things – namely, data analysis as a solid foundation for innovative network and corporate strategies.

Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft mbH

Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft mbH manages the regional power distribution network in the Pfalz and Saarpfalz regions of Southwestern Germany. In line with regulatory requirements, the company plans network AWB-Pfalzwerke-Portalmaintenance and
construction, ensures the quality of supply, maintains efficient operations, and organizes the cooperation with network customers. All market participants can access the network at the same conditions. Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft is part of the Pfalzwerke Group, the largest energy provider in the region.

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Pfalzwerke Netzgesellschaft mbH uses InfoZoom for network planning and data quality management.


The network operator requires flexible ways to analyze operational data in SAP PM and its network control systems.

Solution and Benefits

InfoZoom has replaced Excel for analyzing SAP data. The analytic tool improves the quality of SAP data, reduces the time
needed for analysis, and provides new insights for innovative network management.

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