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The sales department for major and fleet customers at Porsche Austria attends to a wide network of car dealers in Austria. Targeted sales management is based on a large pool of sales data provided to Porsche Holding by the IT company. Instead of Microsoft Excel the wholesaler now uses InfoZoom to analyze the data, which saves a tremendous amount of time in terms of standard reporting. Ad-hoc analyses, which used to take hours to be prepared, are now ready within minutes.

»InfoZoom is ideal for creating ad-hoc analyses and visualizing data.”«

Stefan Kolbinger,
MA, MBA Assistant to the Head of Sales for Major Customers and Sales Coordination at Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG

Large Data Pool for Detailed Analyses

Porsche Holding Salzburg is the largest car distributor in Europe. With the business segments of automotive wholesale, automotive retail, financial services and IT systems, the company operates in 22 European countries as well as in South America and China. For more than 30 years, IT business has been handled by the Porsche Informatik company, which develops customized IT systems for the companies of Porsche Holding Salzburg and provides them with data for analyses related to their business.

The sales department for major and fleet customers at Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG in Vienna regularly receives extensive data records which serve as a basis for sales and customer analyses. Since the IT company can provide the holding company with very detailed data on car dealers, cars and customers on the Austrian market, the conditions for complex and flexible sales analyses are ideal. Consequently, the sales department has always been facing the challenge of dealing with the large volumes of data provided.

With an ever-increasing demand for useful and up-to-date information, the analyses of the data pool, also conducted with Microsoft Excel in the sales department, were no longer satisfactory. The data were mostly handled manually, which was too time-consuming and inflexible. On his quest for a tool capable of automating the regular standard analyses and quickly dealing with the frequent ad-hoc requests, the sales employee responsible examined the analysis software InfoZoom, which was already being used by the group‘s market research department. The first impression was good, and after a few weeks of testing the free test version, InfoZoom was introduced in the wholesale department, too.

»InfoZoom allows for in-depth market and sales analyses.«

Efficient Reporting in the Department

The department was impressed not only with the software’s high flexibility and performance when it comes to analyzing large volumes of data upon demand, but also with its great usability. Thanks to its sophisticated functionality, InfoZoom offers a variety of analysis options, and even complex analyses based on formulas can be handled easily. The intuitive user interface allows for an easy operation of the tool. There is no need for extensive training. The first analyses can be created in just a few clicks.

The standard analyses for wholesale have been mapped in various analysis groups in InfoZoom and defined as queries. For monthly reporting, InfoZoom loads the delivered source data from Excel within seconds and analyzes them in saved masks. Prior to the implementation of InfoZoom, the basis for an analysis in Excel was a file composed of approx. 65 columns and approx. 25,000 rows, that is about 1.6 million cells. Today, 65 columns and approx. 115,000 rows, that is 7.5 million cells, are loaded into InfoZoom and analyzed each month.

InfoZoom has considerably increased the potential for in-depth analyses.
At the push of a button the results are then exported to Excel reports or to a management summary for the head of sales and other recipients. The majority of analyses is conducted automatically, and even ad-hoc questions asked by the head of sales can be easily answered within no time.

»Thanks to InfoZoom we have reached our goal of automating standard analyses.«

A Solid Foundation for Sales Meetings

The database currently contains the sales data of the past three years and target figures. The analyses created involve data on sales, customers, the market, car dealers, and the numbers of cars sold. Brand analyses play a major role in the wholesale segment, too, since the sales department for major and fleet customers at Porsche Austria not only represents Volkswagen passenger cars, Audi and Volkswagen commercial vehicles, but
also the brands Seat and Skoda.

Transparent analyses based on the number of cars sold per brand per car dealer reveal potential for negotiations with the car dealers concerned.
Compared to pure sales analyses, detailed top 30 lists are a far better way to show car dealers which brands and models are popular and which trends are developing. This is also a valuable contribution to the development of sales strategies.

»Today I can create ad-hoc analyses with significantly less effort.«

Trend Analyses for Foresighted Sales Management

Porsche Austria sees great potential for further fields of application and even more in-depth analyses with InfoZoom. With sales management perfected, the wholesale department can instruct the car dealers more efficiently based on detailed sales data. Together with the derivation of trends from extrapolated data, the implementation of planning and forecasts fosters foresighted business and sales management.

Porsche Holding

Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG belongs to Porsche Holding Salzburg, Europe‘s largest and most successful car distributor. Porsche Holding Salburg is a wholesaler (importer) for the Volkswagen group in Austria, large parts of Southeast Europe (CEE), Columbia and Chile, offers after-sales service, and sells replacement parts. By the end of 2014, 32,307 employees worked for the company, selling more than 623,000 new cars and generating €17.1bn in sales.


Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG sales analyses for the sector of major
and fleet customers


Capable tool for automated reporting

Solution and Benefits

InfoZoom has replaced Excel-based analyses of sales and customer data. Reporting has become more efficient, and the detailed, transparent reports are the ideal support for car dealers.

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