Data Analyses with InfoZoom:
Business Intelligence starts with Clean Data

  • Data analysis for everyone:
    With InfoZoom, any user can create informative charts and check, filter, correct and analyze data within seconds.
  • A picture paints a thousand words:
    InfoZoom’s unique overview of data was designed by the Fraunhofer Institute. It gives users a whole new perspective on data. Large amounts of data are displayed on a single screen. There is no other tool that facilitates interpreting and modeling data like InfoZoom does. New connections between data can be revealed with just a few clicks.
  • Data quality is key:
    InfoZoom offers maximum transparency when it comes to data quality. Since all data are displayed on a single screen, inaccurate records can be detected immediately. This allows you to make sound decisions based on reliable information.
  • Great usability:
    The zoom technology facilitates intuitive navigation through data. It takes users only few clicks to assess the data’s current status.
  • More leeway for departments:
    Users can create their analyses, KPIs and reports themselves. This takes work off the hands of the IT department.
  • InfoZoom is a powerful tool that greatly supports users who regularly carry out data analyses.
  • The software offers high versatility and is used in various fields and industries. InfoZoom has many practical applications and provides support wherever data need to be analyzed fast. We will be happy to introduce you to various analysis options and help you identify potential for improvement.
  • InfoZoom is a solution that is tailored to the needs of departments and users without an IT background. Assistance by the IT team is therefore hardly required.
  • Today, more than 1000 companies in numerous industries rely on InfoZoom.
  • InfoZoom can be easily combined with an existing BI solution. The software perfectly complements existing solutions for various fields, such as data quality, overview of data, plausibility, data cleansing, verification of results, and data extension.
  • For example, it is used as an add-on to many ERP and CRM solutions to validate and improve the data basis of a BI application.
  • Be it from a database, Excel or CSV files, you can conveniently import your data in next to no time by using drag and drop, for example.
  • It takes only a few clicks to combine different data types in any possible way. Millions of records from different data sources can be imported within seconds.
  • Since InfoZoom draws on the raw data of a company, information is displayed in its original state, that is, it is neither filtered nor reduced.
  • In-memory technology allows large volumes of data to be edited and processed fast.

InfoZoom is self-service data analysis software that allows users to carry out analyses on an ad hoc basis without special IT or programming skills being required. They can conduct individual analyses in next to no time and answer any questions as soon as they arise.

InfoZoom uses a unique method to display data, which was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute. The clear design of InfoZoom enables users to quickly gain insights from large data volumes and various data sources. Data quality issues are detected immediately.

humanIT and the Fraunhofer experts still work closely together today to further develop the software.

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Audit Data Analytics using InfoZoom, Top 10 Vendor Analysis

Users only need short training to learn how to filter and check information in data volumes of any size within just a few seconds. InfoZoom is faster and more flexible than any other query language or analysis tool, like SQL queries, Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. KPIs can be immediately created and used for reporting. You can embed them in your processes, and use them to find answers to frequent questions.

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InfoZoom 2019 Booklet

Get Rid of Endless Lists with InfoZoom

InfoZoom displays all the data you want to analyze on one screen. Contents are sorted in lines, and identical values are combined by default. The interactive view allows you to make any selections and analyses. Thanks to the compressed view on the data, you can check whether their contents are complete and filled.

Typical view in Excel

Overview in Excel

Data are displayed in a table containing the individual values in lines and columns; it is not possible to get an overview of the data

Overview in InfoZoom

Data are displayed in a compressed view, and identical values are combined within attributes; formatting problems, frequency distributions and missing contents can thus be directly identified

Transparency for all users

  1. Formatting issues in an attribute are marked with exclamation points.
  2. The width of a cell indicates the frequency distribution in an attribute.
  3. Scrolling is no longer required because all data are compressed and displayed on a single screen. In each line, all data are shown with their values distributed
    and sorted.
  4. Missing values are represented by dashes in the overview of data.
  5. Users immediately detect different spellings and correct them with a single click.
    (Example: Spelling »Frankfurt am Main«).
  6. Data can also be displayed in value lists. They are sorted by frequency. Charts can be created at the push of a button.


All of Your Data in a Compressed Overview

Thanks to InfoZoom, navigating through your data has never been easier. Zoom into any number of records to learn everything about your data.

You can see all data at a glance on your screen. Value lists add to the clear structure of the compressed overview.

Direct Access to All Data Sources

You can conveniently import your data in next to no time, be it from a database, Excel, or CSV files. It takes only a few clicks to combine different data types in any possible way. The settings for your data sources are saved so that you can load more data any time.

Importing Data

Integrating different data sources with the database wizard

Database Wizard

You can easily handle any analyses with InfoZoom, from simple formulas to complicated questions.

Selection, Search, and Reporting

Determine relevant KPIs with just a few clicks and answer any questions as soon as they arise. Numerous wizards and easy-to-use formulas support you in quickly creating even complex analyses of developments over time, distributions, and statistical methods. Discover connections between your data that went unnoticed before.

Versatile Display Options for Your Results

You can display your analysis results in Excel with just one click and create active links to your charts and lists. This always keeps your records up-to-date, even if your analysis result changes. Since Word is connected, you can conveniently create form letters and send them to thousands of recipients. Numerous integrated export formats offer you a variety of ways to further process your data.

You decide how your results are displayed: in value lists, charts, or other formats.

It takes just one click to insert analysis results into Excel or to create form letters in Word.

Your Benefits with InfoZoom

Fast and

Carry out analyses with just a few clicks

Reduce efforts to make decisions in time

Independent and Autonomous

Users in any division can carry out their own analyses

You do not have to rely on IT and database specialists

Flexible and Spontaneous

Find answers to new questions in no time

Quickly react to changes in your daily business

Reliable and Transparent

Relevant data are clear to all employees

Make sound decisions based on reliable results

Simple and

Great usability thanks to easy-to-use interface

No IT skills required

Powerful and Integrative

Analyze large data volumes

Ready to be used in any industry, valuable supplement to classic BI processes