InfoZoom Anydesk –
The Next Generation Is Waiting in the Wings

The name already says it all: InfoZoom Anydesk stands for even more freedom and flexibility for your analyses and evaluations. This new product will revolutionize the InfoZoom Desktop as you know it. Thanks to the innovative technology stack, you can install and use the software on virtually any device, regardless of the operating system. This makes it even easier to share data, information, reports, KPIs etc. to the relevant parties at your company without having to miss out on the analysis capacity and unrivalled overview of InfoZoom.

The New Technology Stack – Great Prospects for the Future

Thanks to the innovative technology stack of InfoZoom Anydesk, we are well-prepared for your future needs and technological requirements. You can count on that. Of course, this technological innovation also involves modern elements on the user interface. You can look forward to new and simplified widgets and wizards.

The Perfect Start –
Transparency Begins on the Start Screen

InfoZoom is famous for the unrivalled overview and way of visualizing data. Our start screen now reflects this concept, too. When you start InfoZoom Anydesk, you can immediately see all important options and news:

  • New Table / New Project
    Open an existing project, load new data or combine various files to a new project with the help of our new wizard.
  • Recent Files
    Direct access to the most important and recent files.
  • InfoZoom Newsfeed
    Never miss out on any update, event etc. thanks to the automatically refreshing newsfeed.
  • Video Tutorials
    Here, you can find the links to our latest YouTube videos.
Anordnung ERP CRM und BI im Kreis

The optimal supplement to ERP, CRM and BI solutions in almost every industry

The tool supplements existing systems in the fields of ad-hoc data analyses and agile data quality management. It’s the Swiss army knife among the data analysis tools.

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