Keep an Eye on Data Quality with Automated Rule Sets

Create automated error reports and make error fixing part of your processes. IZDQ comes with a versatile rule set to monitor the quality of your data.

InfoZoom Data Quality Control supports you in creating demand-based rule sets to automatically detect and analyze errors.

Reports are generated on a regular basis and sent to the specialists responsible. Errors can thus be conveniently fixed shortly after they occurred.

Since all errors are permanently analyzed automatically, you can adjust your data quality measures on a daily basis.

Circuit for continuous data monitoring

Circuit for data Monitoring


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Here is an example:
Most e-mail addresses of your customers are missing or inaccurate.

With InfoZoom, you find out that about 60% of your e-mail addresses need correcting. IZDQ automatically identifies the inaccurate records and sends the customer numbers to the respective consultant for editing. You can check the effect such measures have on your data quality in DQ reports.

Highlights of InfoZoom Data Quality (IZDQ)

  • Automated data quality control
  • High flexibility thanks to customizable rule sets
  • Audit-proof data management
  • No high investments required, no time-consuming processes
  • Integration of pentaho PDI possible
  • FOX files imported without conversion (InfoZoom, Analyzer, OEM) (almost all data sources)
  • Immediate check and analysis of rules
  • Background processing of jobs (batch)
  • Activities logged in the database
  • Contents exported in CSV format for further processing
  • Automatic creation of analyses (FOT/FOX)


Whitepaper: Data Quality Is to ERP as Oil Is to an Engine (PDF in German only)

Data Quality and Data Analysis with InfoZoom and IZDQ (PDF in German only)

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