InfoZoom Desktop 2020

What’s new?

How many new features are there in the current version? Which functions are useful for you? We show you which innovations are waiting for you. We summarized the highlights of InfoZoom Desktop 2020.


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Navigating with
Arrow Keys

Previously, navigating with arrow keys was only possible in the editing line. Now you can also use the arrow keys to conveniently navigate through the lines in the Infoscape. This function is available in all InfoZoom views. It makes it much easier to enter content and you won’t have to use the mouse that often anymore.

Multiple Links

Save even more time: In InfoZoom 2020, you can select several attributes and enter one command to create multiple links at once. Before, you could only create links for each attribute individually.

A Real Eye-Catcher:
Colored Attributes

Do you want to add some highlights or colored groups? It is now possible to color in individual attributes and groups of attributes. This new function may also be used in queries. You need a special color code? No problem. It’s also possible to define user-specific colors.

Meta Data Zoom
to Select Attributes

When you zoom into a subset of a meta table, the corresponding attributes are selected in the original table. This function is useful to detect irregularities like data holes and outliers. Tip: Great in combination with the new “Set Attribute Colors” function.

Join with Selected Attributes –
It’s up to You

Previously, all attributes available in a table were used for a join. In InfoZoom Desktop 2020, you can now choose to include only the selected attributes in a join.

New License Model
for InfoZoom Desktop

With InfoZoom Desktop Version 2020, we switch to a licensing model based on lifetime licenses. The flexible model allows for the combination of all license types. Due to the new model, the license of the previous version, InfoZoom Desktop 2019, is valid only until March 31, 2020. All licenses must be converted to the new lifetime activation model by then.