InfoZoom Desktop 2021

What’s new?

How many new features are there in the current version? Which functions are useful for you?
We show you which innovations are waiting for you. We summarized the highlights of InfoZoom Desktop 2021.

As in previous years, the release is traditionally planned for the end of January.

Show Import Information

Have you imported data from various sources? Thanks to the new “Show Import Info” function, you can keep track of all imported tables. The time of import and the data source are automatically and implicitly recorded for each table. You can enable the information via View à Attributes à Import Info.

Anonymize Data

You can now distort or anonymize the values of individual attributes with just a few clicks so that they can no longer be related to a certain person. The following options are available for anonymizing data:

  • Shuffle existing values
  • Number values consecutively
  • Replace characters randomly
  • Generate random values
  • Use values from list

Edit Lists

In InfoZoom Desktop 2021, the editor helps you create and edit lists.

Integration of List and Label 26

We are skipping a version: with InfoZoom Desktop 2021, we switch from the integration of List & Label 24 to the latest version, List & Label 26. This unlocks a number of new features and optimizations for you:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Reusable sub-reports
  • Improved preview
  • Optimized PDF export
  • New print functions
  • and many more
InfoZoom Reports List & Label