InfoZoom Desktop 2022

What’s new?

How many new features are there in the current version? Which functions are useful for you?

We show you which innovations are waiting for you. We summarized the highlights of InfoZoom Desktop 2022.

Direct Access to SAP

The InfoZoom Database Wizard now allows you to directly access data in SAP. You can also access some tables via ODBC. This applies to both classic R/3 databases and new S/4 databases. The access restrictions by SAP regarding a record length of no more than 512 byte apply.

Cologne Phonetics – Expanded Soundex Function

In InfoZoom Desktop 2022, we have complemented the known Soundex function with the so-called Cologne phonetics. The Cologne phonetics method is closer to the German language so that umlauts are recognized, for example, achieving even better results for our Soundex function.

Expanded Case Differentiation

The expansion of the case differentiation creates a vast simplification for mapping more complex dependencies. While the result of a specific case could previously only contain one constant value, you can now also select attributes from the table. Previously, the direct reference to an attribute required complex interlinking of functions.

“Make List” – New List Function

InfoZoom Desktop 2022 provides an expanded list function:
Similar to a split function, the “Make List” function splits text into a list. For instance, it facilitates splitting text at regular expressions and is a strong tool for comparing texts in combination with existing functions.