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The experts of badshop.de love bathrooms. Since they work with the best manufacturers, they can offer their customers an extraordinary wide range of products and brands for top-notch bath furniture. 18,000 products can currently be found in the online shop of Schimmelpfennig GmbH & Co. KG. The family business uses InfoZoom for marketing and sales controlling as well as product data management. The high-performance analysis software supports Schimmelpfennig in controlling its fast-growing business with versatile data analyses and detailed reports.

»After only two weeks, I couldn’t imagine working without InfoZoom.«

Dr. Thomas Flöter
Marketing team leader & controller at
Schimmelpfennig GmbH & Co. KG

»InfoZoom is the perfect solution for e-commerce reporting. Predefined templates are an ideal way for customers to get started and immediately achieve results. After they have received basic training, users can effortlessly create even complex analyses.«

Holger Wölfel
Business Software Solutions

In Cooperation with

Schimmelpfennig not only does successful offline business, its online shop (featuring the option to order by phone) is experiencing enormous growth as a sales platform, too. The company was looking for a professional IT solution for marketing and sales controlling to manage all of its sales channels.

Schimmelpfennig uses BüroWARE to process its sales data and has carried out additional analyses exclusively with Microsoft Excel so far. However, this procedure was no longer sufficient to manage the comprehensive product portfolio. Daily sales analyses started to require more time and did not offer the flexibility needed to control the fast-growing online business. The e-commerce expert CCI WÖLFEL Business Software Solutions, who is responsible for Schimmelpfennig‘s BüroWARE environment, recommended InfoZoom as an add-on for the ERP system. After a presentation with real data, Schimmelpfennig was thrilled by the fast, easy-to-use analysis software.

Powerful Software

When comparing InfoZoom to other BI and analysis systems, the project team especially liked its visual analysis concept. Data from BüroWARE can be exported to InfoZoom in no time. The software then displays all products on one screen in a compressed view, where the data can be analyzed immediately. Inaccurate data and inconsistencies can be seen at a glance and either be removed immediately or analyzed in detail in just a few clicks. It was clear to the badshop.de team that InfoZoom would not only enable them to implement the controlling applications they had in mind, but would also offer a convenient and efficient way to manage the large volume of product data.

When introducing InfoZoom, the marketing department was supported by the InfoZoom partner CCI WÖLFEL, who took care of the definition of the interface to BüroWARE and helped to design the first company-specific queries, reports, and KPIs. The respective specialists attended a one-day in-house workshop and are now able to create analyses, KPIs and reports on demand.

Daily Sales Reports

The focus of controlling is on creating sales and gross profit analyses by sales channels, manufacturers, series, product types, and products. InfoZoom yields valid results with a level of detail which could not be achieved before.

Saved queries allow the marketing controlling department to generate the analyses required in just one click on a daily basis. Instead of 20 minutes, it now takes the respective specialist only two minutes to present the sales figures of the previous day to the management.

“Be it e-commerce, orders by phone or in-store sales, all documents of the previous day can be shown in just one click.”

In addition to daily reports, detailed monthly analyses and annual statistics can be created with InfoZoom. The focus is on Schimmelpfennig‘s fast-growing online business. Thanks to InfoZoom, sales and revenue analyses can now be carried out regularly and provide the basis for sound decisions on targeted and timely measures, such as sales promotions, showcases for specific product series on the home page of the shop, and online advertisement based on cost per click and corresponding revenues. Since prices are now adjusted in time and to each individual customer, they can be calculated reliably.

Convenient Ad Hoc Analyses

The data analysts of badshop.de have swiftly integrated standardized reporting with InfoZoom into their daily business. The marketing controlling department provides the management and all specialists responsible for sales and product data management with current reports and carries out additional detailed analyses, if required. Both controllers and managers enjoy using fast ad hoc analyses. They enable them, for example, to create an overview of the sales trend of 150 products of a specific manufacturer shortly before a meeting so that strategic discussions can be based on up-to-date and clear KPIs.

“Thanks to InfoZoom, we have full control of the data of our 18,000 products in the shop.”

InfoZoom has not only become the software of choice for controlling, but also for managing product data. After kicking off a project to check, verify and cleanse all product data, the marketing controlling department now regularly generates reports based on which the respective specialists can remove any errors. Thanks to efficient quality management, the badshop.de team can now be sure of the accuracy of their data.

Proactive Sales Control

Schimmelpfennig chose InfoZoom for e-commerce, which features predefined templates to support shop owners in quickly getting started with reporting and analyses. The company instantly recognized the potential of the software and therefore decided at the start of the project to upgrade to the full version, which would give them maximum flexibility when integrating other departments as well. After only a few weeks, regular analyses have revealed sales trends, which allows Schimmelpfennig to do proactive marketing and sales controlling instead of taking action on short notice.

The company plans to expand its marketing controlling. Desired functionalities include shopping cart analyses for an optimized design of the range of goods by means of bundling as well as analyses of target groups, regions, and returns. The controlling department is in charge of the implementation and can put its ideas into practice.

Schimmelpfennig GmbH & Co. KG · badshop.de

Schimmelpfennig GmbH & Co. KG is a successful online and offline business (www.badshop.de). The family business sells bathroom furniture, shower cubicles, tubs and shower bases, bathroom radiators, bathroom accessories, sanitary products, and many more. It also offers expert advice to its customers. At its headquarters in Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Schimmelpfennig designs individual bathroom concepts for its customers with a 3D planning software. On 600 square meters, numerous modernly equipped items and sample bathrooms are exhibited. An exhibition of tiles rounds off the portfolio.


Schimmelpfennig GmbH & Co. KG · badshop.de
Marketing and sales controlling, e-commerce controlling, product data management


Fast and versatile sales analyses, master files management

Solution and Benefits

InfoZoom adds versatile, powerful data analyses and efficient reporting to the ERP solution BüroWARE Premium. It supports the marketing department in providing the management and other divisions with facts and figures for decision-making and significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual routine tasks.

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