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Plentymarkets Data as Source of Success

Your Plentymarkets data contain a lot of information waiting to be converted into conclusions. However, you won’t get an edge over your competition by relying on the standard analyses.  Use InfoZoom to unlock secrets from your Plentymarkets data and be the hero among the heroes in multi channel retailing.

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Plentymarkets Templates – wissen Sie, was Sie nicht wissen?

Endlich alles im Blick – gemeinsam mit Kunden haben wir spezielle Plentymarkets Templates entwickelt, die Ihnen automatisiert wichtige Infos liefern, die weit über die “normalen” Standardanalysen hinaus gehen. Natürlich können diese noch individuell auf Ihre Wünsche angepasst werden.

Your Benefits with InfoZoom

Fast &

  • Analyze large data volumes within seconds.
  • Carry out analyses with just a few clicks.
  • Reduce efforts to make decisions in time.

Flexible & Spontaneous

  • Find answers to new questions in no time.
  • Quickly react to changes in daily business.
  • 10 min. from installation to first analysis.

Reliable & Transparent

  • Data are clear  – new perspective.
  • Data quality provides a solid foundation.
  • Decisions based on reliable results.

Simple &

  • Departments can carry out their own analyses.
  • Great usability thanks to easy-to-use interface.
  • No special IT skills are required.

Powerful & Integrative

  • Large data volumes are loaded within seconds.
  • Combine data from any sources.
  • Used as add-on to many ERP, CRM & BI solutions.

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