Complete your BüroWARE system by flexible and prompt analyses

Analyzing all data within seconds – InfoZoom supports you as a interface and DQM solution and increases the benefit of your BüroWARE systems as a flexible and rapid analysis tool. Finally there is an end to rigid and time-consuming analyses: BüroWARE users gain a completely new perspective on their data thanks to the unique visualization method of the Fraunhofer idea InfoZoom.

Identifying data inconsistencies and data gaps, the management-friendly preparation of operational data and ad hoc analysis on the basis of new questions etc – InfoZoom provides information to BüroWARE users with just a few clicks.

Quality analysis of your part and customer data

How well-maintained are your part and customer data? At the push of a button you get an analysis of all parts without an EAN or commodity group. Issues in your customer data are also detected immediately. You only need seconds to find missing entries in fields like for example country, house bank, payment conditions. Finding duplicates, correcting misspelled addresses and harmonizing different formats of phone numbers etc. – all missing or non-standard entries can be found in your master files within seconds.

Sales Analyses

Determine your top and flop customers by a few clicks. You can determine sales by region (country, city, etc.), customer, time (year, month, quarter, day, etc.) and product (commodity group etc.). It is also possible to compare the current business year to the previous year down to the last detail – results are output in percentage and numbers. The advantage over the classic BI reporting is the possibility to update reports with every imaginable data combination.

FNA Annual Comparison

The solution template FNA annual comparison provides a cost comparison of your accounts to the previous year as well as the overview over your cost situation with just one click. You can filter the data as required. For BüroWARE Premium Users only.

Your Benefits with InfoZoom

Fast &

  • Analyze large data volumes within seconds.
  • Carry out analyses with just a few clicks.
  • Reduce efforts to make decisions in time.

Flexible & Spontaneous

  • Find answers to new questions in no time.
  • Quickly react to changes in daily business.
  • 10 min. from installation to first analysis.

Reliable & Transparent

  • Data are clear  – new perspective.
  • Data quality provides a solid foundation.
  • Decisions based on reliable results.

Simple &

  • Departments can carry out their own analyses.
  • Great usability thanks to easy-to-use interface.
  • No special IT skills are required.

Powerful & Integrative

  • Large data volumes are loaded within seconds.
  • Combine data from any sources.
  • Used as add-on to many ERP, CRM & BI solutions.

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