In nationwide use – systematic data analysis increases clearance rates

When investigating crime, the police often have to analyze large volumes of data. As this procedure is very specific and complex, it usually costs a lot of time. This is where InfoZoom comes into play: A highly scalable tool, police departments use it along with other analysis systems like GIS and IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, or integrate it into the crime recording and investigation systems already in use. A powerful tool for undercover investigation, solving organized crime, pattern recognition, and many more, InfoZoom reveals new connections between data and hidden details with just a few clicks. In recent years, InfoZoom has played an important role in solving crimes.

Analyze large volumes of data within seconds – InfoZoom supplements existing systems

InfoZoom has already been integrated into investigation systems all over the country. In many parts of the country, the software supplements existing products, because it greatly facilitates the analysis of large volumes of data.

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Lupe Datenanalyse

Overview of data relevant to crime investigation

Full transparency at the push of a button – InfoZoom helps you understand millions of data at one glance, so that you can trace back the courses of events, reveal connections and draw conclusions for the clearance of crimes. Even without computer skills, you will be able to intuitively navigate through case data.

Well combined: connections, comparisons, Recognizing patterns & trends

  • Recognize patterns in serial crimes
  • Prevention: reveal patterns and trends, e.g. for systematic
    deployment of police patrols in detected hot spots
  • Comparative analysis of crime scenes
  •  Analyze crime recording and investigation data to identify trends and peculiarities
  • Reveal structures in organized crime
  • Analyze figures/situations/statistics (crime scene/time/offense)
  • Relations between time and locations; geoanalyses
  • Identify crime-to-crime and crime-to-offender relations
Geflecht Datenzusammenhänge Data Profiling

Easy combination and comparison of data sources

InfoZoom is used to analyze databases of the police as well as various sources of different formats.


  • Data from telecommunications providers for the analysis of telecommunications evidence
  • Bank details (for investigation service offices in the economic sector)
  • Telematics data
  • Harmonizing data from different sources
  • Data reconciliation (personal/traffic data) in investigations
  • Processing of different data sources and their presentation in graphics
  • Comparison of persons and objects for manhunts

Ensure data quality & prepare data for analysis

InfoZoom has a unique way of preparing and presenting data for analysis so that investigators can identify critical data constellations at a glance. Data are immediately cleansed for their use in analyses. Data quality is ensured and sustainably improved in various source systems.


  • Reliable and traceable results when mass data are analyzed, such as radio cell analyses, geoanalyses, computer log files, bank data analyses, etc.
Datenqualität sichtbar machen

Enormous time and resource savings:
replies & figures within seconds

Questions are answered within the shortest time and reports are created immediately. Costs for IT resources are cut down, and users become independent from SQL developers as they can perform analyses by themselves. Police departments quickly get exactly the search results they need. Daily status reports can be created at the push of a button. Analysis processes are decentralized, which reduces the workload for the productive system.


  • Checking comprehensive lists of persons in the crime recording system only takes a few minutes instead of several days.
  • Analyzing all crime records only takes a few minutes instead of several hours.

That’s what our clients say

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Ad-hoc analyses
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always ahead of time

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Data Profiling – A picture is worth a thousand words: What’s in your data?

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