Data Profiling – A picture is worth a thousand words: What’s in your data?

Look and see – how Data Profiling with InfoZoom works: clarity and transparency at last. Users get a whole new perspective on their data. There is no other tool that facilitates interpreting and modeling data like InfoZoom does. New constellations between data can be revealed with just a few clicks.

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Full transparency at the push of a button – best conditions for successful data profiling

The clear design of InfoZoom enables users to quickly gain insights into large data volumes. Millions of data are compressed and displayed on a single screen. Contents are sorted, and identical values are combined immediately.

No gray areas anymore – Data profiling is as simple as this

Every user immediately sees what’s in the data. It’s finally possible to speak about data without misunderstandings and gray zones. This ultimately increases transparency, optimizes communication, and streamlines processes.

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Geflecht Datenzusammenhänge Data Profiling

Identify connections

Uncover secrets! By combining and displaying data in a simplified manner, you can find yet unnoticed connections within your data basis.

Filter and select
your data intuitively

Users can filter and select large volumes of data within seconds. InfoZoom is faster and more flexible than any other analysis tool. No IT skills required. You navigate intuitively through the data. With just a few clicks, you can create any desired selection immediately.

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Datenquellen Lupe

Easy combination of data sources

You can easily combine different data sources with each other to compare them. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your data basis!

Where time meets quality

Users directly uncover weak points in the data and correct them immediately. The resulting KPIs are not only determined quickly, but are also reliable!

Datenqualität sichtbar machen
Ad hoc Analysen

Reports on demand –
KPIs within seconds

Once you are done with the analysis, you can create key performance indicators and reports in next to no time.

Nachdem Sie die gewünschten Analysen durchgeführt haben, erstellen Sie Kennzahlen und Reports im Handumdrehen.

Answer questions spontaneously and reliably – discover the advantages of InfoZoom

Reliable data analyses that meet the requirements of your everyday work! No other tool makes it easier to interpret and understand data at the push of a button.


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Ad-hoc analyses
with InfoZoom –
always ahead of time

In day-to-day business, there are often spontaneous questions for which you want to create an evaluation immediately. How to get those figures quickly? InfoZoom allows you to create any evaluation with just a few clicks and helps you find weak points in almost no time.

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Data are the ground you stand on – have you got a good foothold?

Have you ever thought about what poor data quality really costs you? We can tell you as much as this: way more than our tool! Your decisions are based on KPIs. But how can you know they are correct? With InfoZoom you create reliable analyses.

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Reports on demand –
just as flexible as
the analyses

The flexible reporting options complete our holistic approach. You can choose from a variety of options to design the reports just as you need them: internal queries, charts, reporting, numerous export functions, integrated List & Label component, and many more.

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InfoZoom Data Quality –
your way to sustainable
clean data

Data quality is a continuous process. It is not sufficient to clean the data just once. With IZDQ, you can monitor the quality of your data continuously and automatically. This function is based on a highly flexible and demand-oriented set of rules that automatically detects errors.

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The optimal supplement to ERP, CRM and BI solutions in almost every industry

The tool supplements existing systems in the fields of ad-hoc data analyses and agile data quality management. It’s the Swiss army knife among the data analysis tools.

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What can we do for you?
Consulting – let’s investigate your data together.

You want to get an impression of your data basis? You’re about to launch a DQ project? There’s a bit of a problem somewhere? Practice makes perfect – our experienced consulting team will be happy to support you in any phase of your data project.

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