E-Commerce BI: Success doesn’t happen by chance – brace your online shop for the future

You can’t optimize your online shop based on a gut feeling – E-Commerce BI is the answer. You have to precisely analyze sales and marketing channels to keep an edge over competition. But in reality, you are often lacking a holistic overview, and the analyses done with standard systems are insufficient. Enough with that! With InfoZoom you can swiftly react to market requirements and open up new sales potential thanks to highly flexible multi-channel analyses.

Unlock optimization potential and handle complex data constellations with ease

InfoZoom helps you evaluate all shop, ERP and customer data, so you can identify what’s hot and what’s not, address your target group more directly, reveal cross-selling potential, optimize procurement, reduce return rates, and many more. Based on your data, you can control all sales and marketing channels. Your data give you everything you need to be successful. You don’t have to rely on your gut feeling only – Start now with successful E-Commerce BI!

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Lupe Datenanalyse

Reveal the potential of your data – you have never seen your shop data this way before

Uncover the secrets of your shop data: InfoZoom makes all data transparent. No other tool facilitates interpreting data like InfoZoom does.

ebay, Amazon & Co. – keep tabs on all sales channels

With InfoZoom you can evaluate all your distribution channels. Sales, gross profit, returns, shopping carts, and many more… You can analyze all these with just a few clicks, react flexibly to changing market conditions in e-commerce and tap previously unknown sales potential.

Runder Kreis E-Commerce BI Kanäle

Data quality: a quick wipe please – how to stay on top of item and customer master data

The ideal tool for grooming customer and item master data: inaccurate data and inconsistencies can be seen at a glance and either removed or analyzed in detail with just a few clicks. To online shop operators, clean data are the basis for right decision-making.

Reports on demand – KPIs within seconds

We have worked together with our customers and partners to develop predefined solution templates that are tailored to your system. At the push of a button, they provide you with the most important KPIs.

Ad hoc Analysen

Tailored to your needs:
InfoZoom completes your system landscape

No matter what CRM or ERP solution you are using, all data are loaded into your system in no time and are immediately ready for analysis. InfoZoom adds flexible ad-hoc analyses and agile data management to the toolbox of your systems.

Fundament bröckelt
Vor der Zeit im Ziel

Data are the ground you stand on – have you got a good foothold?

Have you ever thought about what poor data quality really costs you? We can tell you as much as this: way more than our tool! Your decisions are based on KPIs. But how can you know they are correct? With InfoZoom you create reliable analyses.

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Ad-hoc analyses
with InfoZoom –
always ahead of time

In day-to-day business, there are often spontaneous questions for which you want to create an evaluation immediately. How to get those figures quickly? InfoZoom allows you to create any evaluation with just a few clicks and helps you find weak points in almost no time.

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Become the hero among the heroes: Plentymarkets Data as Source of Success

Your Plentymarkets data contain a lot of information waiting to be converted into conclusions. You can use InfoZoom to unlock secrets from your Plentymarkets data and be the hero among the heroes in multi channel retailing.

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Complete your BüroWARE system by flexible and prompt analyses

InfoZoom supports you as a interface and DQM solution and increases the benefit of your BüroWARE systems as a flexible and rapid analysis tool. Finally there is an end to rigid and time-consuming analyses. BüroWARE users gain a completely new perspective on their data.

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With InfoZoom you create transparency about your data situation, uncover weak points in data immediately and answer spontaneous questions with just a few clicks.