Succesfully Analyzing Plentymarkets Data 

Speed-Dating: More Than Your Gut Tells You

Become the hero among the heroes:
Plentymarkets Data as Source of Success

Selling online relying purely on a gut feeling? This works only in the fewest cases. Creating valid KPIs is essential for online retailers.

Successful multi channel retailing and data analysis – these topics are inseparably linked to the successful operation of an online shop.

Your Plentymarkets data contain a lot of information waiting to be converted into conclusions. However, you won’t get an edge over your competition by relying on the standard analyses. You will require much more sophisticated and flexible analyses to realize your full potential.

You don’t have to rely on your gut feeling only: You can use InfoZoom to unlock secrets from your Plentymarkets data and be the hero among the heroes in multi channel retailing.

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