proALPHA meets InfoZoom

Boost the Flexibility of Your Data Analysis

InfoZoom will boost the flexibility of your data analysis

Since its foundation in 1997, humanIT Software GmbH has dedicated itself to the development of its data analysis software InfoZoom. humanIT Software GmbH started as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer institute and is now part of the proALPHA group. Thanks to the long-time cooperation and constant exchange of experiences of proALPHA and InfoZoom, their two software solutions complement each other perfectly.

InfoZoom will boost the flexibility of your data analysis.

Data from various external sources can be imported, consolidated, and checked. Be it Access or CSV files, information from time and attendance systems or QA, machine and costing data, InfoZoom enables you to combine proALPHA data with information from any other external system.

The solution also features cross-company analysis. Deep integration of InfoZoom allows data to be saved in a format compatible with the proALPHA Analyzer at any time. The proALPHA Analyzer is a restricted version of InfoZoom that does not provide access to ODBC data sources or databases, for example.

 Data Quality Manager:
Automated Checks of Your proALPHA Master Files

proALPHA provides optimum support in master files management. The Value Component proALPHA Data Quality Manager (pA DQM) allows master files stored in proALPHA to be checked and identifies incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate records. Demand-based rule sets (InfoZoom Data Quality Control, IZDQ) provide the basis for this. Format-specific and company-specific definitions can be created for these rule sets. It is also possible to extend and modify these rules. Errors are automatically detected and can be analyzed in standardized reports.

Why should master files be monitored automatically on an ongoing basis?
In an ERP system where data are stored at a central location, master files lay the foundation for numerous transaction data that are passed on in documents or business processes, such as quotes, shipping documents, and invoices. Since master files are used throughout the entire system and control most processes, data quality has to be ensured at all times. Each user may affect the quality of master files when working in the system. In general, cleansing data once is not sufficient. Moreover, master files will be outdated at some point. Data quality checks therefore have to be carried out regularly and require efficient management. The Value Component pA DQM supports you in managing data quality.

Rule of thumb: today’s information will be outdated tomorrow

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Erfolgsfaktor Data Quality Management


  • pA Analyzer as of version 8.10: pA Analyzer versions < 8.10 can be used but export options to FOX files are restricted (files might not be opened)
  • MS SQL (Express) with its own instance
  • Windows-based operating system

Available for:

  • proALPHA 5.2 (5.2i00)
  • proALPHA 6.1 (6.1g00)
  • proALPHA 6.2 (6.2d00)

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