Fast and Reliable GIS Analyses – Time Savings of Up to 99 % for Data Selections

Much time and a lot of resources are required to prepare data in such a way that they can be analyzed efficiently in a GIS. To achieve optimum results in the GIS, data have to be prepared, checked, and selected first. However, these steps are often skipped because there is not enough time or resources to complete them. The data analysis software InfoZoom tackles this issue. InfoZoom helps you to optimally prepare your data for geographical analysis. You are provided with an overview of your data’s current status within seconds. It takes only few clicks to identify flaws, such as missing and inaccurate data. Numerous functions allow you to convert geographical coordinates into the desired format.

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Functions & Benefits

InfoZoom Integrated in esri ArcGIS: Your Performance Booster for Analyzing Large Data Volumes

  • Time savings of up to 99 % for data selections
  • Interactive data selection
  • New analysis options thanks to the bidirectional link between the map and analysis table
  • Identification of new connections

Intuitive Bedienung & mehr Unabhängigkeit

Mit wenigen Klicks Daten filtern und Parameter flexibel anpassen, ohne IT Kenntnisse. Mehr Unabhängigkeit vom jeweiligen GIS System.

Datenquellen einfach kombinieren

Einbindung externer Datenquellen – bei Bedarf kombinieren Sie ganz flexibel unterschiedliche Datentypen miteinander, gleichen Ihre Datenquellen ab und erhalten einen Gesamtüberblick über Ihre Datenlage!

Daten VOR der Geoanalyse prüfen

Plausibilitätsprüfungen, Format-Anpassungen an das jeweilige GIS, Datenqualitätsprobleme aufdecken – kritische Datenkonstellationen VOR der Analyse erkennen.

Datenqualität sichtbar machen

Ad hoc Analysen – Antworten &
Kennzahlen in Sekunden

Aufspüren von Auffälligkeiten in Massendaten – Sie identifizieren schnell Zusammenhänge innerhalb der Daten.

Your Benefits with InfoZoom

Fast &

  • Analyze large data volumes within seconds.
  • Carry out analyses with just a few clicks.
  • Reduce efforts to make decisions in time.

Flexible & Spontaneous

  • Find answers to new questions in no time.
  • Quickly react to changes in daily business.
  • 10 min. from installation to first analysis.

Reliable & Transparent

  • Data are clear  – new perspective.
  • Data quality provides a solid foundation.
  • Decisions based on reliable results.

Simple &

  • Departments can carry out their own analyses.
  • Great usability thanks to easy-to-use interface.
  • No special IT skills are required.

Powerful & Integrative

  • Large data volumes are loaded within seconds.
  • Combine data from any sources.
  • Used as add-on to many ERP, CRM & BI solutions.

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