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ad hoc Analysis

As versatile as your daily business

Anyone can create informative charts and check, filter, correct and analyze data within seconds – with InfoZoom

Analyzing and processing corporate data as well as identifying relevant information have become daily tasks. They are no longer completed by the IT department or other experts because it requires too much time and is too expensive. Heads of department rely on quick results and easy access to their data. They need to be able to answer any question as fast as possible. The standard reports offered by most BI tools do not provide sufficient support.

InfoZoom is the perfect tool for creating versatile ad hoc reports and analyses. It takes users only seconds to generate demand-based reports.

Data quality is a crucial factor: ad hoc analyses only provide reliable results for sound decision-making if the underlying data are accurate. InfoZoom’s unique view compresses all data on a single screen so that data quality issues are detected immediately.

Time-Saving Ad Hoc Analyses and Reports:
Self-Service for All Departments

  • It takes only 10 minutes to install the software and create the first ad hoc reports.
  • Large data volumes from any sources are loaded within seconds.
  • A unique view compresses all data on a single screen.
  • Data quality issues are detected immediately.
  • Users zoom into the desired data sections, create charts with a single click, and carry out ad hoc analyses and reports in next to no time.
  • No special IT skills are required. Departments can carry out their own analyses.

InfoZoom Integrated in esri ArcGIS –
Your Performance Booster for Analyzing Large Data Volumes

  • Time savings of up to 99 % for data selections
  • Interactive data selection
  • New analysis options thanks to the bidirectional link between the map and analysis table
  • Identification of new connections


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