Dynamic Customer Segmentation 

For Successful Sales Approach

Efficient customer segmentation includes the prioritization of customers, target marketing, and the identification of prospects. InfoZoom supports you in creating customer segments you can fully rely on for sales control.

Customer segments are crucial to succesful sales control. Since you want to provide the best possible support for your customers, you gather all information from the business with a customer. Before you can group your customers into segments, you have to analyze millions of records and process comprehensive raw data from different sources.

With InfoZoom, you can easily combine large data volumes from any information sources and create appropriate analyses based on the segmentation criteria you defined. The results of these analyses help you take successful measures in sales control. You can directly work with these results or export and integrate them into your workflow.

InfoZoom for customer segmentation

  • Import and combine all information sources
  • Identify customer preferences and preferred products to realize potential
  • Analyze the buying behavior of customers
  • Prioritize customers
  • Optimize sales and marketing strategies
  • Define and modify segments
  • Identify prospects
  • Distribute consulting resources


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