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Status Quo of Data Management: Lost in Big Data

Data management is a broad, multi-faceted concept. However, it is certainly a crucial factor in the success of companies. They have to generate added value from data and information. This task presents a major challenge to many companies. 


  • An increasing number of data, data pools, and databases
  • Poor transparency
  • Underestimate of the necessity of this task and the efforts required
  • Inconsistencies in all data sources
  • Numerous individual perspectives on data
  • No consolidated overview of ALL data

Increased Transparency Right from the Beginning ─
Convenient Data Management with InfoZoom:

  • Data integration and migration
    Combining and consolidating all data sources and channels. You get an overview of all data and ensure consistency in all sources.
  • Master files management
    Checking and harmonizing master files from all sources.
  • Data quality
    Carrying out plausibility checks, identifying duplicates, standardizing spellings, etc. Give EVERYONE the same perspective on data.
  • Data governance (IZDQ)
    Creating an automated rule set.

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