Data Migration / Integration: Cleanse Your Data

Time to clean up – with InfoZoom

Data Quality & Transparency as Success Factors
for Data Migration / Integration

There are many reasons why data have to be migrated. Data migration means to transfer existing data from various sources to a new target system. Merging data with different structures from various IT systems presents a major challenge to companies. Before data can be transferred to a new system, they have to be cleansed. Successful data migration/integration therefore always depends on data quality. The most important tasks of data migration/integration include removing inaccurate data, orphans and duplicates as well as harmonizing data structures.

Before getting started, you should ask yourself how you can ensure the quality and consistency of your data.

Meeting the Challenges of Data Cleansing to Prepare Data Migration/Integration:

  • Eliminating duplicates/identifying redundant records
  • Detecting inaccurate and missing data
  • Harmonizing different data structures
  • Identifying inconsistencies
  • Removing orphans

InfoZoom: The Perfect Solution to Migrate Your Data – Checking Data Quality at a Glance, in All Sources

Optimally prepare yourself and your data for migration/integration using InfoZoom

  • Consolidating all data sources
  • Loading large data volumes within seconds
  • Increasing transparency with a comprehensive overview of all data
  • Detecting data quality issues with a single click
  • Zooming into data to check their plausibility

Joining Files using Infozoom


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