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Versatile Analyses for Successful Multichannel Retailing

Profitable Sales Analyses: InfoZoom for E-Commerce

E-commerce is still booming. However, you will only benefit from this growth if you know what your customers need, get the best out of sales platforms, and gear your assortment to the current demands in the market.

Accurate customer data are crucial to successful multichannel retailing. Intelligent analyses to process large data volumes are the key to success here. Customers produce a lot of information, which you can use to strengthen your position in the market. InfoZoom supports you in creating profitable analyses tailored to your online business.

Important Questions

  • Which channels do I have to use to address my target group?
  • Which products are best suited for specific channels?
  • Which products feature an extremely high number of returns?
  • Which products can be combined best (creation of bundles)?

Versatile analyses also provide you with
information crucial to multichannel retailing

With InfoZoom, you can easily link the data sources of your sales channels and check the quality of your data with just a few clicks. InfoZoom provides you with a unique overview of your data, in which you can instantly see if there are duplicates or inaccurate records. Demand-based, versatile analyses support you in tailoring your products and services to your customers’ needs. InfoZoom can be integrated into your system, and data can be immediately analyzed after they have been imported. We customize the analyses together with you to ensure that they fulfill your requirements, and create templates for frequently used reports. Thanks to the great usability of InfoZoom, anyone can work with the software. The management and divisions of your company can thus carry out their own analyses to create reports. No special IT skills required.

  • High quality master files and transaction data as the basis for subsequent analysis and successful multichannel retailing
  •  Multichannel strategies (e.g. comparing the gross profit of various sales platforms)
  •  Reliable analysis of gross profit and sales
  • Optimization of assortments
  • Market basket analysis (e.g. cross-selling potentials)
  • Target group analysis (e.g. using past sales data to identify target group preferences)
  • Analysis of returned goods (reducing the number of returns/improving customer satisfaction)
  • Analysis of regions (identifying the products preferred in a region to launch appropriate sales activities)


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