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InfoZoom: Time Savings of Up to 99 % for Data Selections

Geographic information systems (GIS) are gaining in popularity and can be found in more and more fields. Many industries use GIS to enter, edit and analyze geo data. Much time and a lot of resources are required to prepare data in such a way that they can be analyzed efficiently in a GIS. This is especially true for analyzes that are to be carried out on an ad hoc basis or are to include external data sources. To achieve optimum results in the GIS, data have to be prepared, checked, and selected first. However, these steps are often skipped because there is not enough time or resources to complete them. This means that data are analyzed in the GIS without a prior check of their completeness and accuracy.

Consequently, many analyses cannot be carried out on an ad hoc basis because data are missing. Moreover, it is not possible to determine whether their results are reliable.

The data analysis software InfoZoom tackles this issue. InfoZoom helps you to optimally prepare your data for geographical analysis. You are provided with an overview of your data’s current status within seconds. It takes only few clicks to identify flaws, such as missing and inaccurate data. Numerous functions allow you to convert geographical coordinates into the desired format.

InfoZoom Integrated in esri ArcGIS:
Your Performance Booster for Analyzing Large Data Volumes

Your Benefits

  • Time savings of up to 99 % for data selections
  • Interactive data selection
  • New analysis options thanks to the bidirectional link between the map and analysis table
  • Identification of new connections

Your benefits with InfoZoom for GIS

  • Optimally preparing data for geographical analysis
  • Including external data sources
  • Identifying quality issues prior to the analysis
  • Carrying out plausibility checks
  • Detecting irregularities in large data volumes
  • Applying filters on ad hoc basis
  • Data mining in large data volumes
  • Identifying connections thanks to intuitive navigation
  • Adjusting the format to the GIS used by means of numerous functions
  • Easy-to-use tool with intuitive navigation ─ even suited for beginners
  • Independence from the GIS used


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