Innovative HR Management Accounting: 

The Fast Way to KPIs

Polish Up Your HR Management Accounting

The days of big piles of files are over: manage HR data in digital form, answer any questions related to strategic personnel planning with just a few clicks, and create required KPIs within seconds.

The tasks of a specialist in HR management accounting are as diverse as the corresponding HR data. Especially strategic personnel planning requires reliable KPIs based on which managers and CEOs can make sound decisions. These KPIs are often determined by drawing on data from various, inconsistent sources. As a result, errors are likely to occur, and the creation of KPIs is inflexible and time-consuming.

The data analysis software InfoZoom enables you to determine KPIs in next to no time. But how is that possible?

InfoZoom has been developed at the Fraunhofer Institute. It is a software solution for analyzing data that allows fast searches, ad hoc reports, and detailed analyses. After a short introduction, you will be able to filter and check all HR data. Unique zoom functions are provided to display all pieces of information on a single screen. InfoZoom immediately reveals connections between HR data and highlights all details.

  • Analyzing and assessing HR KPIs
  • Dashboards featuring comprehensive overviews of all HR data
  • Revealing connections relevant to strategic personnel planning with a single click
  • Exporting analysis results to graphic reports and Excel

Cooperation with IQDoQ:
Digital Personnel Records ─ IQAkte Personal

IQAkte Personal is a digital file with which you can manage personnel records in electronical form. It significantly increases the efficiency and transparency of your HR processes.


  • Personnel records are readily available
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Individual cover letters and electronic documents
  • Analyses geared to HR management accounting
  • Template for digital procedural documentation in your company


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