Data Migration at the Center of Implementation

Renowned market analyst Trovarit has identified data migration as one of the greatest project risks during the implementation of new business software like ERP or CRM systems. Therefore, Trovarit has developed best practices for a structured migration in the context of implementation projects, in which InfoZoom plays a key role. The flexible analysis tool is used throughout all stages of the migration process, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient data migration.

“It’s impressive how far the data analysis with InfoZoom goes It secures our entire migration process. No tool hopping, no SQL statements. We’re always flexible and able to quickly react to new requirements.”
Alex Ron
Trovarit AG – the IT-Matchmaker

Migration as continuous subproject

When you implement business software like ERP or CRM solutions, seamless data migra­tion is a key factor for the project’s success. Trovarit AG has therefore developed best practices for implementation that give migration a central role.

The subproject “Detail Analysis and Migration” is a cross-sectional task that spans the entire project plan. As part of this implementation model, the existing data is already analyzed during the software evaluation using InfoZoom and concrete measures are formulated to prepare for the migration.

This allows for a realistic forecast about future data processing, based on which you can enter into specific agreements with the software provider. As Trovarit customers deal with the issue of data early on, they have enough time to solve any occurring data problems. This prevents unpleasant surprises, delays and additional costs during data migration.

Transparency for everyone involved

With InfoZoom, Trovarit can show the productive data from the upstream system of customers from any industry right during the meeting without the need of programming or templates.

InfoZoom visualizes entire data sources in mere seconds, making the data situation transparent in the blink of an eye.

Customers can navigate as if they were in their own system and follow a free, intuitive data profiling live step-by-step in InfoZoom. There are no limits to the analysis options. Alex Ron, a Trovarit consultant responsible for the migration, gives an example:

“For one customer, we displayed 126,000 products on one screen in InfoZoom and analyzed the data.”

The clear analysis provides facts that everyone involved in the project can immediately understand and follow. InfoZoom thus also fosters the constructive collaboration between all stakeholders of the project. For an ERP implementation, this basically means all specialist departments and the IT department.

Dynamic prototyping

InfoZoom also reveals data input routines that would not have been uncovered with a simple process analysis. If, for example, a systematic “data misuse” is uncovered, Trovarit’s consultants ask why, so that the field and interface structure of the new system can then be specifically optimized if necessary. Alex Ron gives an example from a project:

The analysis of a customer’s address data revealed that the street number “999” had been assigned several times. However, this street number does not exist in the German address register. The employees responsible explained that “999” was usually used as a workaround for the address “car park” since this information could not be entered in the address mask.

The corresponding option was then added to the target system. In other words:

“On the clearly visible data basis of InfoZoom, we learn important process details from the everyday work of the employees, which do not come up in the process analysis itself because they are simply not provided for in the standard process.”

This first data investigation is also used as a basis for displaying the data catalogs of the legacy system and those of the target system in InfoZoom, including all structures and hierarchies, and to create the mapping tables. Together with the specialist departments responsible, every single data field is iteratively analyzed and cleaned.

During this reconciliation between the legacy and new systems, InfoZoom acts as a flexible buffer in which dynamic prototyping can be performed without burdening the running legacy system.

Secure data management

Trovarit uses InfoZoom as a universal tool in all stages of the migration process. This way, a single tool serves all tasks. Be it clear data review, transparent data profiling, documentation, cleaning, modeling or validation.

Trovarit‘s customers benefit from efficient data management during implementation. With the help of InfoZoom, they maintain an overview of data work, make sounddecisions, and minimize project risk. With regard to the work involved in the data cleansing, the migration and the subsequent check processes, it’s crucial to reduce the data at the beginning and archive legacy data to ensure a cost-efficient data migration.

Trovarit’s project experience shows that the migration volume can often be reduced by half using the rule-based, transparent InfoZoom analyses.

After the migration, InfoZoom is used to check and clean the data basis again, ensuring a complete and successful data migration. Many of Trovarit’s customers already familiarize themselves with InfoZoom during the implementation process and use the software solution afterwards for their own long-term data quality management.

About Trovarit

Trovarit AG, the IT matchmaker, is a market analyst and your neutral contact for all questions about the implementation of business software in companies.

Trovarit uses proven tools, exclusive market data and professional consulting services to assist companies in analyzing their software use cases, optimizing the interaction between business processes and software and selecting software solutions in an efficient and reliable manner.

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Data profiling and quality assurance in the migration process

Solution and Benefits

Trovarit uses InfoZoom in the context of migrations, namely for data analysis, as a data catalog, as a prototype for reconciling the legacy and target system and for the following quality assurance. The clear display and analysis of data provides for quick and reliable project results in consensus with all project participants.

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Data Profiling und Qualitätssicherung des Migrationsprozesses

Lösung und Nutzen

Trovarit nutzt InfoZoom im Rahmen von Migrationen für die Datenanalyse, als Datenkatalog, als Prototyp beim Abgleich von Alt- zum Zielsystem und zur anschließenden Qualitätskontrolle. Die anschauliche Darstellung und Auswertung der Daten sorgt für schnelle und sichere Projektergebnisse im Konsens mit allen Projektbeteiligten.

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