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»InfoZoom is highly effective because we can generate new sales concepts with very little work.«

Nikolai Boiar,
Sales Director at Westerwald Bank eG

Analytics that you can take to the bank

FIDUCIA IT AG Zertifizierung

InfoZoom is regularly reviewed and certified by FIDUCIA IT AG regarding its technical security requirements. German credit unions conduct this certification so that its employees can use third-party software.

Building solid, long-term relationships with its customers is an important component of Westerwald Bank’s sales strategy. Instead of one-size-fits-none mass mailings, the bank focuses its sales and marketing activities on individual consultations and offers. The bank uses InfoZoom to match customer segments with suitable offers and competent consultants. The fast, easy-to-use analytic tool helps sales correctly assess and respond to the needs of its customers even during dynamic times.

Individual customer consultations

Westerwald Bank is one of the largest credit unions in Germany. The bank, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, is literally a regional institution and views personal customer relationships as a pivotal factor for its long-term success. Since its entire marketing and sales activities focus on adding value to customer relationships, Westerwald Bank relies on individual consulting instead of random information via mass mailings.

In order to create customized campaigns, the bank first needs to identify the needs of various customer groups. Due to its growing online business and changing investment strategies, finding intelligent ways to analyze customer and account information is more important than ever. Although its banking system did offer standard CRM analyses, the bank required more detailed information. Sales, in particular, wanted more flexible ways to analyze their data. Since the bank has over 144,000 customers, even making simple selections was often a complex, time-consuming ordeal.

»InfoZoom’s speed, flexibility and way of presen­ting data makes it far superior to other systems.«

Highly effective analyses

Westerwald Bank deployed InfoZoom to support the sales team with additional analytic capabilities. The user-friendly tool instantly impressed the users with its pragmatic, highly effective approach. The sales controller, for example, uses InfoZoom to analyze the complete pool of data completely on his own – without needing special skills in database management or query languages such as SQL. Within seconds, InfoZoom imports all of the bank’s master, account and product data from the banking system.

Users can then flexibly combine over 200 attributes of the data records with a few mouse clicks or even combine external market data to make new correlations depending on the question at hand. Best of all, they could start using the software and analyzing their data without needing special IT skills or a separate system integration project. Nikolai Boiar, Sales Director at Westerwald Bank, knows the advantages:

»InfoZoom’s speed, flexibility and clear way of presenting data makes it far superior to other systems. Running an analysis is easy – and you can intuitively understand the results at a glance.«

Statistics and good judgment

Westerwald Bank has been using InfoZoom for many years now, primarily for running affinity analyses for target marketing and developing highly focused sales strategies. The underlying question for both activities is always the same: Which topics and products could be interesting for which customer groups? The software’s strengths especially come to light during strategy meetings with branch managers or consultants. Users can now spontaneously prepare their suggestions for sales campaigns, refine them during the course of a meeting, and even run various scenarios – all with InfoZoom. Nikolai Boiar explains:

»Our account managers bring their sales experience and knowledge into the InfoZoom analyses. This combination of personal expertise and statistical scores helps us develop sales strategies that are right on target.«

Asking the right questions

InfoZoom identifies new places to start an analysis – places that would never come to light in predefined, standard analysis paths. Many prominent sales campaigns, for example, stem from correlations that were found incidentally after formulating a query for an entirely different scenario. During an analysis of capital outflow to direct banks, for example, a user accidentally discovered a relationship that made him take a closer look at the outflow of cash to insurance companies.

»Running an analysis is easy – and you can intuitively understand the results at a glance.«

Optimal use of resources

The bank’s efforts to create targeted messages for specific customer segments has been a success. The response rates for mailings, for example, have increased dramatically. With InfoZoom, the bank can also distribute leads based on the consultants’ availability. The software suggests which product portfolio and skill sets are required for which customer segments. Instead of typical reports showing an average cluster, the tool generates different combinations of segments and portfolios in way that is easy to understand. As a result, the consultants profit from balanced groups of customers who, in turn, benefit from indivi­dualized consultations.  ”

Targeted multi-channel campaigns

In the future, Westerwald Bank could use InfoZoom to build a multi-channel strategy. Statistical analyses showing which channels the different customer groups use for which product groups give the bank a solid foundation for running targeted multichannel campaigns.

Westerwald BankAWB-Westerwald-Buero-Bojar-006129

With assets totaling 2 billion euros, 34 branches and over 500 employees, Westerwald Bank is one of the largest credit unions in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz. The local credit union, which was founded following various mergers, has more than 70,000 members. In 2012, Westerwald Bank celebrated its 150th anniversary. 

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Solution and benefits

InfoZoom extends the standard analyses of its banking system with flexible analytics. The bank uses these statistics to efficiently manage sales performance and reduce waste circulation in its marketing and sales campaigns.

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